New from author-historian Alvin F. Oickle

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The Fall of the Pemberton Mill

A true story from America's history
of exploitation, social disruption, and violence

A mammoth factory collapsed in Lawrence, Massachusetts, in 1860. A hundred workers were killed -- crushed or burned alive. Three hundred were injured. Newspapers called it the nation's worst disaster of the Industrial Revolution. There were no protests from Pemberton Mill workers. Their deaths were of no immediate consequence. It would be years before Massachusetts legislators had the courage to pass laws requiring protection and safety for all workers. Alvin Oickle's carefully reconstructed account includes the final Pemberton payroll of just over 1,000, listing the dead and injured, the pitiful sums owed them, addresses, and other information of value to genealogists.
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You Can't Own People

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A book about slavery for young people, Alvin Oickle's fiction brings the true story of abolitionist Jonathan Walker to a youngster who lives near a memorial to The Man with the Branded Hand.

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