Tough Issues
Why put a section on tough issues in this eZine?  Everyone will feel 100% better if they look beyond themselves & help (whether it be other people or the environment).

This month's issue is on homelessness.  I realize this topic is somethig most people avoid discussing but should.

Some people harbor the notion that ALL homeless people use money to buy alcohol. I strongly disagree; some may but not all (probably just a few). Most homeless people want one thing: dignity. We all want that, so we can relate.

Spend whatever free time you have volunteering at a food pantry, such as the St. Vincent DePaul Meal site. I've included a link to the St. Vincent DePaul organization. They help needy inviduals families throughout the world. Click on "USA International" to find a group near you; or "International" if you're outside of the U.S.

Get involved!  This world needs to be a better place for everyone!

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