Special Quiet Place
This page in the web site briefly discusses a great place to "get a way from it all".

Is there a place place where there are no cell phones ringing, no talking, no memos, & no pressures of daily life?  Is there really?  The answser is YES! 

The Redemptorist Retreat Center is that place.
It is located in Oconomowoc on beautiful Crooked Lake.  The center has many acres of land where you can reflect on your life.  Many animals call the retreat center "home".  Enjoy the beauty of the natual world as you walk peacefully.

The center hosts many different retreats; each one  focus on a set topic.  Find the retreat that best suits your needs. Visit their web site, in the links section.

I hope you will  attend one of the retreats.  You will feel "re-engergized" after the retreat & sad it went so quicky!

Sometimes we all need to look beyond ourselves & help others. Do you want know how to help? Go to "next page" to find out.
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