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27th April -Flame Worthy Video Awards!
This is totally my philosophy of life, and Iím calling the album Dress Rehearsal for that reason. I believe that you have to live every moment the best that you can while youíre here. I wrote it at a time when I was feeling a little down because I was exhausted and didnít see a light at the end of the tunnel. It seemed like every time my mom would call, or friends, Iíd either not answer the phone because I didnít have time to talk to them or answer and say, ďI promise you Iíll call you in a few more days when I have more time and we can actually talk, but I donít have time right now.Ē It seemed like it was never-ending, and I got frustrated because I was living my so-called dream and I had no time for my family - who were always understanding, never getting upset with me or anything. I started realizing: ďIím doing all these things, but I have to find a way to also make this all be a part of it.Ē There is only one life, and I donít know how long my parents are gonna be here. - Carolyn Dawn.
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I first heard about Elizabeth Cook about a year ago on a radio station, whist there was little of her music released at that time, she made a huge impression. I can say for sure that the mix of youth and a traditional country sound will make Elizabeth one of the stars of the future. She is already making huge ripples and it is only a matter of time untill she wins best Female Vocalist at the CMA awards. 
               Many see her as a new addition to the flurishing Bluegrass contingency that are finding there feet with stars like Allison Krauss, Emmylou Harris and Leann Womack.  whatever catagory she finds herself, one thing is true she is a big prospect to watch for the next few years.
Up Comming Uk Tour Dates
Up Comming World Tour Dates
Cardiff International Arena Cardiff FRI 18/06/2004 19:30
Newcastle Metroradio Arena Newcastle TUE 22/06/2004 19:30
S.E.C.C. Glasgow WED 23/06/2004 19:30
Manchester Palace Theatre Manchester MON 28/06/2004 19:30 order 
Symphony Hall Birmingham TUE 29/06/2004 19:30 order
The Lowry Salford Quays SUN 17/10/2004 20:00 
Royal Albert Hall London TUE 19/10/2004 20:00
There Is Your Trouble! -28th April
          The latest turn in the row over Natalie Maines' words has come from a award speaking in favour of the outspoken Chicks. The so called 'Mussel Award' or the 'Thomas Jefferson Award For The Protection Of Freedom Of Speach' was given to the south Carolinia house of representatives. The award was attacking the treatment of the Chicks after there comments in London of March last year.
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