This is me - dont giggle
Think he needs a softer tissue??
Peek a boo
Yes they are real
Just five more minutes mom
Let me start by telling you about me. I am a divorced, 36 year old with two teen boys. I am a college student at St Petersburg College. I started off in Accounting but changed my mind.(thanks Enron) I went completely mad and decided on landscaping.  I like to do anything outdoors. I live in Florida so I HAVE BEACHES. I like to swim, fish (altho I never catch anything), hike, and bike. My hobbies include gardening and as you will see, photography. Anywho, sit back, scroll, click and I hope you enjoy these at least  half as much as I do.

Click away
Peek a boo
Sore nose
Yes they are real
5 more minutes ma
Lost without his remote
Just plain cool
So stately
Real too
Lets play mom
Yes its alive
Yep breathing
Here kitty kitty kitty
Note: dont piss him off
I just love the colors
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