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Long ago, in a lifestyle we can hardly imagine, men and woman relied upon the gifts God had bestowed on the earth. Plants, flowers, seeds, roots; these were all part of the modern medieval life. Each keep or village would have someone who mastered the art of Herbology. It was usually the woman of the keep since the men often were fighting battles. These woman healed the sick, delivered the village children, and cared for a multitude of ailments from the common cold to treating war wounds. This site shares the history and uses of herbals from the ancient times to the modern day implications of those traditions.

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By accessing this site you agree not to hold the author (s) responsible for any error or omission in the information on this site. This information is gathered for educational and entertainment purposes only. You also acknowledge that the author of this site is not a professional health care provider. This information is not a substitute for medical care. If you decide to take health and/or skin care into your own hands remember that there can be complications to using natural healing methods which include but are not limited to allergies and improper dosages. Herbs are to be treated as any other medicine. Your physician needs to be aware of any herbals you wish to take before you begin using them. If you are pregnant or nursing it is in the best interest for both mother and infant to consult a physician before you begin any treatments. Many herbs are dangerous to the fetus and/or infant. You alone are responsible to further research any and all information on this site before you begin to treat yourself or use these products. You agree that the author (s) of the information on this site is (are) not responsible for your health or any loss or damage or illness to person(s) or property. This site does not attempt to diagnose, treat or cure any ailments. You and you alone are solely responsible for your health and actions. Entering this site implies you agree to these terms.

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Why do I sell Amazon books on this site?

I, like many of other people, do not like all those ads you see everywhere on the net. Unfortunately, there is a cost associated with that. Still, I don't feel it is fair to put ads all over this site. You never know what types of ads will appear. To help solve this problem I decided to put links to Amazon books. I receive a percentage of the sale of each item sold from a link on my site. The items I list are all about the herbs I've grown to love and depend on. They are the books I've read and have gained knowledge from. They are also here to promote the authors of these books who have worked so hard to share their knowledge. I figure that in this way both of us can benefit. There is no other source of funding for this site.

Who am I?

I am a Christian work at home, happily married, homeschooling mom of two boys. I do not work for any of the authors of the books sold on the booklist page. As a matter of fact, my work is in herbals. I own a small herbal skin care business online. I do not advertise it nor promote it's products in this site however this site does have links to it.

I created this site because I found it hard to find good herbal information on pregnancy, childbearing and infancy. Then I wanted to make skin care for my children. Trying to find just what I wanted out there was tough, so I learned how to do it on my own. Eventually I thought to expand to myself as well. Pretty soon I was making things for family and friends for all sorts of reasons. I wanted to share what I had learned and this site was born.

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