In loving memory of
November 1990 - December 31, 2005
(I've been called 'Gentleman Jet' by one or two of my friends)

I was the proud canine owner of two humans who supplied me with food, cuddles, a bed, cuddles, nibbles and cuddles. In return I provided them with a playmate, someone to sit on their knee in front of the TV and protection of the house and back yard from cats, birds and burglars. Out of the goodness of my heart, and completely free of charge, I also assisted in the supervision of neighbouring back yards.

What kind of dog was I?  Many people have asked my humans this question.  I was a Tenterfield Terrier, a breed developed in Australia, which is also known by some people as a 'mini-fox terrier'.  In other parts of the world, similar breeds are: toy fox terrier and rat terrier.

Like the rest of my breed, I was very intelligent, people-friendly and had loads of energy, that is, until the last years of my life.  I always enjoyed going for a walk. Even when it became more difficult to keep up, I refused to give in but I did invent ways to take some surreptitious rests along the way.  I found it necessary to investigate many posts, trees, bushes, weeds along the path and by lagging behind and looking mournful, sometimes I won the right to be carried up that last hill.

Now that I've been able to run across that Rainbow Bridge, I will enjoy plenty of walks in the sunshine without the bother of arthritic joints.

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