Sometime in our life we must face the unknown..
I was 28 years old when I met and learnt about my unknown illness a
Panic Disorder called *Panic Attacks*
Little did I realize how easy ones life can be turned upside down.

After watching people I love also battle with a mental illness little did I know until the onset of my battle with Panic Attacks why people talk less about it.
I guess knowing how I felt - ashamed - embarrassed - not wanting people labeling me a fruit loop that I decided only my husband - oldest daughter and sister know what I was battling..

Now looking back I have realized it was the wrong decision for me, if I learnt to be more opened minded about what was happening to me, maybe just maybe I would of been able to have more control.


This website is owned by Moody_Blues and was launched on Thursday 14th March 2002 as a Tribute to my Mother..



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