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Gary S. French - 07/18/00 03:27:33
My URL:http://Kennett
My Email:Kennett
State: MO
E-mail: gfrench@bootheel.net

Great web page. It is good to finally be on the web to show our pride as Freemasons. Keep up the good work on the page.

Brent Robinson - 07/06/00 19:25:40
My URL:Kennett #68
My Email:Kennett
State: MO
E-mail: robinsbr@yahoo.com

Thanks to the webmaster Burch for working on the site. Let's help him out by suggesting content for the site.

Terry Watson - 06/26/00 02:15:28
My URL:http:// # 68
My Email:Kennett
State: Mo.
E-mail: tmwatson@bootheel.net

Doing a great job. Thanks and visit often.

Jake Jacobs - 06/20/00 19:36:11
My URL:Grand Lodge of MO.
My Email:St Charles
State: Missouri
E-mail: jakej@primary.net
URL: http://www.momason.org

Great start to a webpage fellas. Please say hello to my friends Billy Jones and Jack Crawford. "Jake" Jacobs

bob young - 06/20/00 01:40:28
My Email:kennett
State: mo
E-mail: bobyoung@i1.net

nice job building the page

Tom Burch P.M. - 06/19/00 02:35:10
My URL:www.geocities.com/momason_461/
My Email:Caurthersville
State: MO
E-mail: TBHD74@AOL.COM

Great job on this site, it's a good start, and I can't wait to see the finish. I hope the Brethren of Kennett Lodge #68 are as proud of this work as I am. Tom Burch P.M. Caruthersville Lodge #461

Dave Jones - 06/16/00 03:55:07
My Email:Derby
State: Ks
E-mail: dwjones@iolks.com

I'm Bill Jones' son...just checking out the web page. Keep him straight...

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