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Well folks...  the automotive Gods may let you "get away with it" for a while, but when they
decide you're not going to do the things you said you were going to do, they can strike with
tremendous vengeance!  I've been saying I was going to replace the idiot lights with gauges
for years. I bought the gauges and I decided how the instrument cluster should look... I just
kept putting off installing the gauges. Well, guess what? If you guessed, I was driving down
the highway and started losing power, and had to coast off the highway because the engine
died and smoke was BOILING from under the hood... you guessed right!!!  Oh, by the way...
the "Engine Temperature" light never did come on!  OK, so now I need an engine.  I already
had a used engine in the garage so I ordered .030 oversized pistons and standard bearings.
As soon as the parts arrived, I took the engine apart...  it was already .030 over-bored and
.020 under on the bearings! Well I was looking in the Summit catalog to check on more parts
when I saw the 350 cubic inch HO 330 HP Vortec Chevy engine! I got to thinking that would
look real nice under my hood... so I got one!  Naturally I had to get an Edelbrock intake and
Holley carburetor to go with it. Yes, it goes without saying, I had to get headers and change
it to dual exhaust. I don't think it will have any problem passing California's smog standards.

Photos below are from the Summit catalog. I'll take photos as soon as everything is finished.

350cid HO 330HP

Edelbrock intake

Holley 670CFM Carb

FlowTech Headers

350 C.I.D. HO 330HP
with Vortec Heads

Edelbrock Performer RPM
Vortec intake manifold

Holley Street Avenger
670 CFM 4-barrel carb

FlowTech Headers
and dual exhaust

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