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Journeys- travelers' tales of the road
I've been keeping travel journals since I realized at eighteen that having a story to bring home with me is as important as the journey itself. The purpose of this website is to share our travels- where we've gone and how far we've come. We are revelers: people who travel to see the world close to how it really is, and celebrate the beauty and craziness of it with others. If you've got a story to tell, or a memory from along the way, click here to learn how to contribute your own story.

Welcome to Alaska

Stories in Alaska and excerpts from summer wake- floating through south-central alaska by Morgan James Strub

Morgan's Travel Journal
Themed stories, poems and observations throughout the American West & South
Entries from the road, starting with Book of Journey- a collection of journals, poems, and essays
while traveling up the Pacific Coast in Autumn 1993. You'll enjoy the travel statistics and inventory.

An Apocalyptic Road Trip- traveling in limbo between millennia. This will be an ongoing travelogue and
commentary as I wander through the Great American South by thumb and foot in these sketchy times.

The Hitchhiker Pages -
for wanderers and would-be's. Interview, tips, and links with more coming soon. Take a ride over.

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Visit TravelTypes for more articles and perspective and learn something about your personality in the process.

send any questions or comments on the site to Morgan- mjstrub@yahoo.com

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