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In the spring of '94, I left Pine Bluff, N.C. headed for Anchorage, Alaska. Just a few miles shy of six thousand miles away, my uncle, best friend and I pulled into town seven days later. After working for a local roofing company for about a month, I spent the next two months hanging out and traveling across Alaska- down the Kenai Peninsula and out to Hatcher's Pass.
Times were good and rides were pretty easy to come by, so after a last week and a half in Denali I got dropped off outside Palmer-Wasila and headed for Toke, Alaska- and then to the one and only AlCan Highway. It's a long and dusty stretch of two lane, but worth every step of the way. For four thousand miles, I made my way from Alaska down through Canada, meeting twenty-seven licensed friends and their friends who made my trip possible.
I arrived in Great Falls, Montana three weeks after I left Palmer-Wasila and hung out for a little more than a day, then found a Greyhound with 'Charlotte, North Carolina' written across the front grill and my name on the third seat on the left and finished my trip humming James Taylor and blowing some soft blues with a mixture of Dylan on my Honer.

From: (Charles Starcher) Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 04:02:41 -0400 (EDT)

It was very cold and very far... I ate well, gained some weight... and got a bag of dog sh*t and two cartons of smokes for my b-day while up there.  Jan. 31, 1999 18:18:59 EST

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