Austin, Texas    (512) 636-4200
Do you have a desire to  improve your health, stamina, and well-being?
Do you need to relax, unwind, de-stress?
Michael Alan
Services offered:
Massage Details
*  Nutritional and Lifestyle advice/coaching
    for Health, Well-Being, and Stamina
*  Massage Therapy
*  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Links Some people are interested in massage. Others are curious to learn how EFT and/or better nutrition can enhance their health and well-being. Still others want/need guidance to learn simple things to improve their health.
Any session with me may include any or all of the following: EFT, nutritional/health recommendations and/or soothing, healing massage.
Sessions may be scheduled for any length from 60 to120 minutes.

I offer the ultimate in relaxation services! My many repeat clients attest to the fact that I am successful in doing this.
These are the rates for all services or combination of services:
1.0 hr     $60
1.5hrs    $90
2.0hrs    $120

Outcalls:  I sometimes do outcalls. On the occasion when I do,  there is an additional $30 - $40 outcall fee depending on your location. I can also provide both EFT and nutritional coaching
via phone consultations.
I am a registered massage therapist with the state of Texas with over 11 years experience in massage.  My experience and study in all aspects of health, nutrition, and herbs spans more than 20 years.

I graduated with honors from Life Chiropractic College. Since the summer of 2002, I continue to study and use EFT.  I use Gary Craig's approach to EFT, as well as that of Dr. Patricia Carrington.  I hold the EFT Certificate of Completion and am entitled to use the designation EFT Certificate of Completion, or EFT-CC, after my name.
South-central Austin, Texas, two miles south of downtown Austin near the intersection of Oltorf Street and South 1st Street. I work from my home in a quiet duplex surrounded by woods. There is safe well-lit on-street parking available.
By appointment. One to three hour notice is appreciated.

11am to 9pm 7 days a week.
Contact me:
Michael Alan Foster, DC, RMT, EFT-CC   

Phone: 512 636-4200   (This is the best way to contact me)

Please feel free to contact me and get to know me a bit before scheduling an appointment. For some people this is the best way to get a sense of who I am and how I may be of service to them.
My other interests:
Art, architecture, reading, traveling, swimming, walking, Barton Springs, meeting new people, spiritual-health, natural healthcare, personal growth,home education, Italy, New Orleans, Natchez.
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