Mary Wehrle
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Welcome to my first home page! I'm so glad you decided to visit. This page is not so much about me but about the animals who own me. They are a very special part of my life and I love sharing them with others.

Each one has a special story of their own. We don't stand on formality here so come on in, relax, and have a good time.
If you're hungry, there's food in the fridge. Get it yourself.
This is me holding a baby great horned owl. My former house mate is a wildlife rehabber and sometimes I get to share my home with the best the world has to offer. For more wildlife pictures, check out my wildlife photo pages in my links section below.
Go to My House pictures page one
Go to My House pictures part two
Go to Wildlife pictures
This is Cutie Patootie. I named her that just to drive everybody else crazy. Patootie came to me as an orphan very late in the summer. Sadly, she had some pretty serious problems and died that fall.
This is Dylan, he is a moluccan cockatoo. He would just love it if you came to visit him and his other housemates. Just click on the My House links below to get a good look at our pets.
All wildlife was meant to be free and kept in the wild. This is a picture of a turkey vulture who had been hit by a car. Shown here is a picture just before his release. You can help wildlife in your area by donating your time or money to a local rehabilitation center.

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