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Welcome to Lo-chan's Anime Skinz!! ^_^ For those that come often, you might see some small changes, like Color, banner, links and so on, that's because I'm gonna be doing some remodeling hopefully to make this site a bit better K?? ^_^ Gotta go now!

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Heya!! Welcome to my Winamp Page!! Please Enjoy your Stay here!! and don't forget to book mark! I update monthly(I hope)....
Updates and News
  • 01-14-2004
    sorry for the lack of updates!! just to tell you i'm going to be working on a few skins for winamp 5.. :P it's actually got great improvements!!! ^__^
  • 05-21-03
    hey hey!! I'm Back!!! heh... no real updates today... but just to say that I have recently taken a very loooong break...(2 years actually) from the whole Webpage deal... but now I'm back and ready to do a bit more.. ^_~ so stay tuned for updates in the future ne??!?! ^________^
  • 07-02-01
    Ok... I realize what day it is.. and the fact that I haven't updated in 8 months... SORRY!!! *ahem* but good news! I finished one skin! [01]MISC It's Sage from Ronin Warriors, and just to tell you.. there will be more skins from that series.. I just need to work on them. Allright! and just to tell you guys now I'm also working on a sorta new layout.. so stay tuned! ^^
  • 11-22-00
    Hey guys! another update!! (finally) I've put up [03]CCS, [01]X-Clamp K?? ^_^ I really like the CCS ones... soo Cute! ^_^ Any ways gotta go! Bye!
  • 11-22-00
    Aiya! I can't believe I had a broken link for Six months and no one seemed to tell me until now!!! -_- Why didn't any one E-mail me about it?? hmm... well.. I fixed the link for Mousse so it is now downloadable... I'm going to now so that I can finally finish the skins that I have been wanting to make for a LOOOONG time.. K?? Okies then.. BYE!!!
  • Requests
    If you want me to make a certain anime Winamp skins You can E-mail me at Lo_chan@hotmail.com

    So far...
  • Vision of Esclaflowne(that might've been spelt wrong)
  • Angel Sanctuary
  • Gundam Wing
  • Ronnin Warriors

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