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REACH Web Site
Have you received some weird, sensationalist, or extreme e-mail and wonder if the information is true or if you should forward it?
You probably shouldn't!
But to check and make sure the information is true and correct - go to
www.snopes.com and type in the heading to the search line to read the truth.
A Fresh Approach to Organizing Your Home School Curriculum

The Full-Year Notebook System

Imagine a system that takes all of your children's home school curriculum for the entire year and organizes it into one notebook per child.

Not only that, but while you are creating your notebooks, you will be learning the techniques to:
your children's home school materials into one easy system.

We are so confident in this product that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee!
Do you wish to become a 'Full Year Notebook' affiliate?  Sign up here.
WizardsSpell is an interactive online spelling tool with the flexibility to meet the spelling practice and improvement needs of all students. WizardsSpell is web-based, meaning that no changes are required to your computer. The tool can be used at home or at school or anywhere there is access to the Internet. WizardsSpell uses the best aspects of technology to help students learn.

WizardsSpell is very flexible. Word lists can be created to match homework assignments or to meet a student's special needs. A library of word lists is also available.   The program uses sight and sound to present and then fade from view each word on a spelling list. The student enters each spelling word on the keyboard to reinforce the word. Feedback is immediate, encouraging, and positive. Results are recorded for the student, the teacher, and the parent to understand where further practice may be necessary.

About the creator of WizardsSPELL, Melanie Gann:   Melanie Gannís daughter Lucy was diagnosed with a learning disability that made it difficult for her to spell. Melanie tried all the conventional ways of helping Lucy with her spelling but nothing was working. So Melanie decided to find her own way of teaching Lucy.

A software programmer and web designer by trade, Melanie developed a computer tool that turned spelling into a sensory-rich activity. It works like this -- the computer "says" a word, the word appears on the screen and immediately fades, and then the child types the word. Sounds simple, really, but the results for Lucy were astounding. She went from flunking spelling quizzes to nearly acing them. By hearing, seeing, and typing words all at once, she was internalizing the building blocks language like never before.

Melanie saw Lucy's progress and decided she needed to turn this "game" into a website --
www.WizardsSpell.com (Use Referral Code 1094)-- that would help other parents help their kids. The website has just launched its full suite of features, including a library of spelling lists customized for specific grade levels. Students can use these tools independently. Visit the site today and try it out for yourself.
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