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This site is warmly dedicated to all of those who were ever able to laugh about their illness...and those who should.

(Last updated July 2, 2000)

Hello! And welcome to my site. As you may already know, this site is about bipolar disorder (manic-depressive disorder) and is set into a laid-back, somewhat humorous over-tone, to relieve some of the stress related to info with all of this, being so technical and professional.
Please find your way around the site by using the little navigation bar at the top. It's not a frame, so you shouldn't have any problems with it, anyone should be able to handle this one, given I haven't screwed up with a link somewhere, in which case you e-mail me with a cyber-slap and info as to which link needs fixin'! (I have written a litle
intro if it interests you!)
I've also managed to win a few
awards after only about a week and a half of having registered this name and started this page! Thanks everyone!
In the past days I've been frantically renovating, re-designing, and adding to this site (am I manic? You betcha!) and here's what's happening: first, now admit you're here for this, yes, I have added to the
jokes. All of the old jokes are on the first page, so anything that comes after it is new as of yesterday (29/6) so get over there, and enjoy! And hey, send me some, I'm sure I'm not the only one these get back to, at least one or two of you is spreading these!
Secondly, and perhaps even of more importance than the first point, I have updated
links, fixing one which was broken, and adding on to my little travel diary of related links and their descriptions (I hate being faced with a huge page of links, half broken, with no previous info; no, really, it's blind clicking) which means, of course, I have checked these out myself. However, other sites do change without notice, so do please calmly report any broken links to me, via e-mail.
submissions section has some meat in it now, but guess what, it's all my stuff! This is self-submission or something, come on, I know there are some people with talent out there who are willing to show it off! I don't bite! You'll own the copyright, too, of course. Hey, you can check out my stuff, maybe it will inspire you ("I have GOT to show them how easy this is to surpass!") then you can send me it!
To the best of my knowledge, all of the information on this site is accurate (please see
credits), so I'm not about to substitute accuracy for fun and games, hey, they can go hand in hand, people. How many rules do sports have, see?
Well, I think I covered it for now, I'll certainly be around, I hope you learn something from the site, (especially it it's your first time here) and that you do visit again. Mostly, I hope something here put a smile on your face, but it's early, we can work on that yet :o)
Sincerely Yours, "
Laughing Bipolar"

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