'Mohawks' Bulldogges are not commercial breeders we are Bulldogge Enthusiasts providing  pictures and information about dogs
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'Mohawks' English Bulldogges are a fantastic breed, if you have ever known one you will know what I mean! they are not a British bulldog as they are commonly mistaken for they are a re-creation of the original bulldogge of olden times, the breed is much stronger, healthier, have less breathing problems and in my opinion are a much better looking dog than the typical British Bulldog! All in all a wonderfull dog to own!
Sh Ch 'Mohawks' Clyde
Sh Ch 'Mohawks' Tulip
'Mohawks' Clan
Spangle, Tulip, Clyde, Autumn, Tonka
Sheffield VBF show '04
'Mohawks' Autumn
Ch 'Mohawks' Two-Tone Lady
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