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Sexy and Clumsy

Eyes of blue and hair of gold
Lips of red and look so bold
Lovely hips that swing so wide
That you try so hard to hide
Daring smile that looks so sweet
Damn near knocks me off my feet
Wish that you would look around
So you won't knock poor fools down

Little You

Your dark little eyes
Your white little lies
Your pert little nose
Your sharp little clothes
Your cruel little acts
Your little, unkind
Your soft little head
Your so little mind

Sad Sideshow

Ladies and Gents, please step right up.
It only costs a dime
To see this lone forsaken guy
Whe loved; but not in time

He'd talk of love but never show
Deep feelings, kept inside.
The wants; the little thoughts of love
All those he had to hide.

For once before, and long ago
He gave his heart away.
She broke it; so just get your dime.
He'll be here one more day.

The Promised Prose!


Soft as a baby's cheek,
Warm as a Summer's sun,
Pleading pouts that work.
Harsh words that don't
Sound quiet so bad
Coming from something
so beautiful.


Autumn Rainbows, windblown, free
Fall to carpet frost-bit grass
Colored moments of our life
Like the leaves, will quickly pass.


Deep, dark pools
Myriad emotions
Rich chocolate brown
Sweet as Ice Cream
So little girl sad.


Exquisite jewels
Given grudgingly
To a harsh world
As the only price.


Last years shoes,
Lying, dusty, in her closet,
Cast off; forgotten.
Waiting for a notion,
A whimsical thought
Perhaps. Hopefully, for
Revived interest;
But nothing lasts.

Your Place in Life

"Go"! "Find your place in life", they say.
"Foundations on which you can build".
By finding such, in these God-forsaken times
People have been blinded by their lust and greed.

Thoughts of Love

The simple thoughts of one you love
Like raindrops on a fertile ground
Can bring to you a cool fresh breeze
And rainbows too, spread all around.

It is within your heart you find
A world of peacefullness and song
Yes! In your heart and in your soul
The thoughts of love cannot be wrong.

Day after Day

A lovely morning came at last
To wake us from the long night past.
A new Spring day for walking through
The soft green grass and sparkling dew.
An afternoon in shade, cool grey
Two lovers by the river lay.
An evening and the sun is through
Another day; I still love you!


My love and affection is waiting for you.
Just say the word, Darling. That's all you need do.
I'll stand close beside you, your burdens I'll share.
And when you need my love, you'll know it is there.

I'll try to be patient, but patience is hard.
We know Love's a gamble so pick the right card.
A sweet life together, we'll walk hand in hand.
I pray, some day you will wear my wedding band.

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