Lisa's Farewell

The question's in your hearts and minds should be, "What can I do?"
How can I make a difference? What is false, and what is true?
How will I live my life or raise my children in this mess?
Not shallow thoughts like, "Will that georgous hunk see my new dress?"

Our generation, so confused, has never understood
The bigotry and apathy that's rampant in our 'hood.
Why "hate" and "death" are more familiar than is "love" and "life".
Why "war" and "poverty" are all we see. Why "gun" and "knife"?

Shine Hope's bright beacon on your path in life, for "you" are truth.
It is your obligation and your right to change by youth.
Remake this world as it should be, not as the earth now seems.
Together, we can do this. Show the world your strength and dreams!

I bid you all farewell, the best of life, in coming years.
I will not say "goodbye" to friends I've made. That would bring tears.
For those who have prepared themselves to live upon this earth,
Go forth; improve it where you can. "You" are this worlds rebirth!

Written especially for Lisa's speech at her Junior/Senior Banquets ceremonies.

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