Happy Hour

"Inspired by Dorothy Z."

I remember it well;
The first taste, the first smell,
The first instant that I felt the power.

I was ten at the time
And I felt so sublime.
Surely, this was my happiest hour.

So alone until then,
Empty hole, deep within,
I had found the relief I'd sought after.

Two young girls from my class
Brought this magic in glass
Which had all of us weak from our laughter.

When I turned twenty-one
And my childhood was done
I could scarcely await work-day's ceasing.

In a club 'cross the street
I could be made complete
With each drink, my good times were increasing.

That club had something new;
Happy Hour 'till two;
Full of laughing and friends who were cheerful.

Through my life, I could find
Such a place to unwind
But the laughter soon ebbed, became tearful.

Now my life was a sham.
In and out of a jam,
For the magic had come to an ending.

No more laughter was heard
And it sounds so absurd,
But my life, into Hell was descending.

I felt lonely and sad
When the last friend I had;
"And you know, she was really my best one"!

She went out, slammed the door.
"You're a drunk; nothing more,
Get some help from a group known as Preston

It was Saturday night,
And I, shaking with fright
Climbed those stairs to where "Drunks" had their "Meeting".

I thought there would be three
Or four wrecks just like me;
To say I was surprised would be cheating.

Through the door, I went in
And was met by a din
From a crowd that I had not expected.

There was laughter and cheer.
I heard, "Glad you are here".
I felt welcomed and loved; not rejected.

I did not understand
What those drunks thought so grand;
Why their eyes were so bright, clear and gleaming

Though the laughter soon died
As I sat there and cried,
Someone got up to speak. Was I dreaming?

With clear words, full of truth,
I heard tales of my youth
All my secrets and thoughts they were sharing.

They were people like me;
But with warm gaiety
And that difference alone was quiet glaring.

It was then that I knew
What I needed to do;
Feel the laughter they shared and the power.

For that night I had found
Happiness could abound
Which would last all my life, not an hour.

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