Our planned obsolescence encircles the world.
From windows of autos, our garbage we hurled.
We cut down our forests to make a new home
And caged all our animals so they can't roam.

The smoke pours from factories, poisoning air.
Those beautiful songbirds don't need to be there!
We ruin our atmosphere 'till it's no more.
Wise men publish warnings but they're such a bore.

Fuel oil and our effluent pour in the sea,
While giant corporations count profits with glee.
We butcher our oceans for Man needs to eat.
Soon we shall be eating that poisonous meat.

Too late! We awaken to what we have done.
Our cancerous bodies are kissed by the Sun.
"Convenience is everything", Man always said.
Now Mother Earth's barren, and Man is long dead.

Rest in Peace

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