Alone Again

You once wrote I was on your mind
And thoughts of me in dreams you find.
Your own words are returned with care,
Thoughts heart and mind don't seem to share.

I wrote of love and deep desire,
And of the feelings you inspire.
I know those words have touched your heart
But fears of hurt kept us apart.

You held your love and dreams in check.
My dreams, you never tried to wreck.
I guess your courage did not pray.
For now your fear is there to stay.

I see you've given up on me;
That your belief would set me free
From self-imposed imprisonment
Within myself 'till life is spent.

My momentary hope is through
That my desire was shared by you.
I'd looked for love I knew was there.
Now all I see is pain; despair.

Deep sadness creeps into my heart
'Twas loves illusion from the start.
You said, "I don't want any man"!
Now I am lost; alone again.

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