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Lady in Black

Be still, tainted temptress!
Sword words and Light lances shall slay thee with ease.
Begone, ere your stricken body, in shameful defeat,
is tossed into the chill abyss of Charon's vessel
and carried 'cross the Styx to your just reward. With this incantation, I bid thee depart.

Stay! Ebon lass, go slither back
Into your fetid castle, black
The souls you gathered ere this time
Have moldered; turned to grisly slime
This night, your hunger has no ease
Your putrid scent, by gentle breeze
Is wafted 'way, along with storm
You brought to steal my soul; and harm.
Fey lady, show me not thy face
For light and love has given grace
To one, once lost upon your sea.
The Poet Prince has rescued me!

Rainbow Tears

Souls diamonds cast upon uncaring Earth
Like salty ocean's spray;
Reflecting both our grief or joyful mirth
From birth 'til dying day.

Man's precious, freely given gift is spent
In opalescent hues
To pay the price of broken lives, now rent;
Or death's unhappy dues.

Are we not Adam's seed; one race; mankind?
All brothers, sisters, kin?
Must eyes bleed rainbow tears 'til we are blind?
View not pale Charon's grin!

The deadly beasts called man, a threat to all,
Kill what they want; not need.
Time's sands, so like our tears' eternal fall,
Will end the hate and greed.

'Tis time we tred more softly life's short trail
Don't ask, "What can I do?".
Ere mankind whimpers, "God, how did we fail?".
And hears, "It's in plain view!".

Our differences and varied outer shells
Should be left in the past.
Pray for world peace, where love and kindness dwells.
Fate's dice have long been cast.

Peace & Love to all,

Larry D. Jennings

A Special Valentine

Valentine's Day

Rich chocolate hearts and rose bouquets
Are love signs shared, this day of days
Bright floral cards sealed with a kiss
Tell friends and loves, bring smiles of bliss

The feeling, rare, 'cept on this day
Should be the norm, the only way
One day's respite from yearlong lies
Love's gift, ungiven, wanes and dies

Keep love within you so you may
Have treasured prize to give away
While on life's road, each gift shall bring
Rewards untold. Let your heart sing

A word, a rose, or chocolates, sweet
With daily love cannot compete.
Make life more special from now on
One knows not when their time is gone.

Soul's windows shed their jewels, pure
Past pain allayed, love will endure
If wish were granted, I would seek
Recurrent Valentines each week

Happy Valentine's "Year"


Who is this being known as me and am I really him?
Or puzzle pieces which don't fit; no matter how I trim.
Regrets and dreams, ingredients, without true measure blend
Into life's bowl, existance formed till soul from body rend.

Do you percieve me as myself or as you think I am?
Am I the person that I know or merely human sham?
My youth was spent in false pursuit of someone I should be.
I've learned through life that subterfuge to self is hurting me.

The self-deception and pretense is futile exercise.
We fool no one with vain attempts to hide from our mind's eyes.
Truths, though denied, remain as true. They must be faced in time.
For only thus can we be whole and souls remain sublime.

Be yourself. Not what others see or want you to be.

Old Man



A wrinkled brow once smooth with youth and ignorant of time
Is furrowed deep o're steel grey eyes sunk back into his face.
Thin hair, age whitened, crowns what once was visage thought sublime
And strange glass orbs, perched on a nose, look odd and out of place.

A chin of chiseled stone is now replaced with two or three
Weak mounds of flesh which quiver now and then in silent rage.
All this upon an aching, frail and wizened neck, I see
Skin weathered, much the worse for wear; surrounds bones like a cage.

Broad shoulders, stooped and rounded now, remain within his mind
Two work gnarled, calloused hands, now have a rough sandpaper touch
Clothes hang upon this frame and seem too large and unrefined
'Twas yesterday a young man but tomorrows come to such.

He stares at me each morn and nods his head, it seems, with glee.
With unbelieving awe and wonderment upon my face
I stare right back and recognize what has become of me.
The pennants of long life are worn with pride; not sad disgrace.

Life's Door

Rage, Death! For thy clawed hands touch not the swift soul
Within your pale grasp is earth's husk, in a hole.
Your fire-storm of anger, your impotent howl
The stench of your larder, your face darkening cowl

No one stands beside you or will e're abide
For long; just an instant in time when they died.
You're here till the end with your blood rusted scythe
Then cease to exist; never having lived life.

The lonliest entity in all God's realm
Within the deep bowels of life's ship, not the helm.
I pity thine ancient task and thank the Lord
For Life's Door to Heaven, that's not quite so hard.

Life's Path

The path begins upon Time's sands,
E're shifting from the merest act.
A mystery tho' finely planned
Trod from unknown to firmest fact.

And with each step there grows, behind
A stone, a boulder, hill or mount
Of life and history defined
By footsteps we no longer count.

For unlike oceans constant waves
Which grinds the hugh to tiny grains.
Our past grows larger till our graves
And hills or mounts are what remains

To mark our passage through our days.
Perhaps a guide, or hinderance;
A darkened stone which blocks the ways.
The shame would be, you gave no chance

To those who follow us through life.
And tred the path of sand, unsure,
To unclear futures, joy or strife.
I plead, "Leave mounts which shall endure."

Mind's Wings

Visions from the Heart

Ride with me now on wings of thought
To lands where ne'er were battles fought
No Hunter's horn was ever heard
Nor life-drops spilled from wounded bird.
A place in time; mayhaps the start
Of myths and legends from the heart.
A forest, green, mid sea and sky
O'er which fierce visaged Griffons fly.
But look! The face is mere disguise;
For 'tween it's ears a Fairy lies.
And riding on it's rust red back
Are Elves in green and Gnomes in black.
Far down below 'neath bough and tree,
Graze Unicorn, alive and free.
From brows adorned with fluted spears
Fly opalescent rainbow tears.
Gold meadows, ripened by the sun,
Are home to Dragons; blue and dun.
They stretch their spangled lacy wings
To warm. And hark; a mother sings
Soul wrenching songs to calm the fear
Of dragon babe, who cuddles near.
In shaded ring, fair Wood Nymphs danced
By Satyr's pipes; their joys enhanced
When coltish Centaurs prance in tune.
Life celebrates beneath full moon.
In misted mountains Dwarf's do dwell
From mines, their chanted songs now swell
And weave a rune, protecting all
From evil, lest it cast a pall
Upon this fair and noble place.
Where dreams live on and eyes do grace
Thy beauty, only known by few.
Our thoughts give life, and strength embue.
These mythic creatures' fame and lore
Live on in those; both rich and poor
Who fly upon the wings of dream
From mundane tasks in this life's scheme.
Stay while you can within this clime
Of wonderous sights, alive in time.

May they live forever in your souls and minds.

Ode to Princes Diana
Rose of England

Aids - Ode to Elizabeth Taylor

Mrs. Neal

For Mr. Jim

Although we savor each new day
So brief is our allotted span
The years all seem to run away
Upon this mortal plane of man

A childhood home stands empty now
Though filled with memories of you
My grief, so deep, will pass somehow
And tears will dry, like morning dew

You're resting, peaceful, in God's arms
The pain of time and age is passed
But I will miss your smile, which warms
My heart, where love for you will last.



"Why must you leave, dear Uncle Ralph? How can you be so calm, serene?
With so much more to see and do, why aren't you angry? I would be!"
He answered me with twinkling smile, " I go to view new sights, unseen.
I'll walk new paths with mom and pop. Live in a place God made for me."

"God didn't make enough tomorrows for the things we did not say."
"He didn't put the hours we need to be with those we dearly love."
And Ralph, with wisdom in his voice said, "There is always time to pray."
"And when I'm gone your thoughts and words shall fly to me like snow white dove."

What of all your grandchildren, Ralph; how shall we e're explain to them?
Why you were taken, 'fore your time, walked calmly into death's long shade.
"Tell them to roam this bounteous land and view the wonderous sights with Him,
For time grows short and when God calls, I shall come running, unafraid!"

"I've lived a life so rich and full, though not as long as I had thought.
God's gifts have been without compare for such a mortal man as me.
With head held high I walk the path to God above, which Christ's blood bought.
And know that I, in God's on plan, lived all my life as it should be."

The Gift of Song

Breathe soft, the words from hearts, long dead
In harmony's which fill the head
With thoughts of Angels, come to Earth
To sing hosanna's at Christ's birth.

Entwined, they reach the darkest soul
Though etched by sin as black as coal
Bring blessings written long ago
To life again, in richness flow

And warm the mind, caress the ear
Of those who come together. Here
Within this rainbowed glass abode
Lift sorrow's weight, brighten the road.

Gifts, such as this are treasures best
When shared with all who are God's guest
Within His house to seek His way.
Our voice, God's gift, at His feet lay.

The songs of praise we sing, like prayer
Are only gifts when we can share.

Written for Lovers Lane UMC Sanctuary Chior


God's gifts and talents, wit and love
Are lavished on your heart.
Your soul and inspiration shared
As wisdom you impart.

The masters' works wrought long ago
Are given life anew;
And glorify our God and King
With feelings you imbue.

We owe you more than can be paid
With silver or with gold.
Through dedication you impart
God's strength to your small fold.

Our greatest efforts you demand
And though we're not the best,
You made us more than e're we were
For by your works we're blessed.

Through you, we sound like angel hosts.
You bless our church each day.
We all should thank our loving God
For you, when e're we pray.

If wish were ever granted me
That wish would be just so;
"May our sweet Lord smile down on you
As through this life you go."

Written especially for Terry Price, LLUMC director of music ministry and beloved choir director, and given with Christian love and respect for all he has done for Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, the music department, and our Choir.

Larry D. Jennings


Goodbye dear friends, I thank you all for your great gifts to me.
Your smiles and laughter, freely shared; your love and empathy
Are treasures, locked within my soul. Iíll cherish, when we part
Our separate ways, upon lifeís path, the ways youíve touched my heart.

As sunset fades to starry night, bright memories misplaced
The faces I have grown to love, by timeís sure wind, erased.
Each precious moment, caught and kept; safe for some future day
Shall comfort me when Iím alone and hold painís tears at bay.

For Michelle's Photo Albumn"


Grey mists of soul's sorrow
Coalesce in our eyes;
Heed not the great joy
In all or our hearts.

Life's changes are with us
As long as we live.
If you've lived in God's light
Your ends have new starts.

We bid you a farewell
With love strong and true;
And hope your adventure
Is all you desire.

Your shoes will need filling
We may come up short
There is no comparing
In wit or satire.

Your passion for music
Is without a match;
Except for your punning;
Peachtree got a catch.

Larry Jennings

August 22, 1997

A New Road

So long ago, it seems, my life was changed in special ways.
My future, bleak, without a mate to help me through the days.
My children, fatherless, alone though much to young to care.
A single parent, just like me, came with his love to share.

Two broken families upon life's road, with cautious fear
Made friends and watched a blossoming of hope begin, my dear.
A mother's love, I brought, and you, a father's kind, firm hand.
Our shared load, so much lighter now, makes life with you so grand.

First friends, then lovers we became. We walked, once more that aisle.
Words fail their task to thank you for your love, friendship and smile.
Our home is now so full of life, a joyful place to be.
Nine years? Time flies when love and life are shared by such as we.

These words are pale expression's for the love I feel for you.
Your soft caress, your warmth, friendship, for all the things you do.
Our lives, now blessed by God, are all I ever hoped they'd be.
I love you more than ever on this anniversary.

For David & Pam's 9th Anniversary

Lisa's Farewell

The question's in your hearts and minds should be, "What can I do?"
How can I make a difference? What is false, and what is true?
How will I live my life or raise my children in this mess?
Not shallow thoughts like, "Will that georgous hunk see my new dress?"

Our generation, so confused, has never understood
The bigotry and apathy that's rampant in our 'hood.
Why "hate" and "death" are more familiar than is "love" and "life".
Why "war" and "poverty" are all we see. Why "gun" and "knife"?

Shine Hope's bright beacon on your path in life, for "you" are truth.
It is your obligation and your right to change by youth.
Remake this world as it should be, not as the earth now seems.
Together, we can do this. Show the world your strength and dreams!

I bid you all farewell, the best of life, in coming years.
I will not say "goodbye" to friends I've made. That would bring tears.
For those who have prepared themselves to live upon this earth,
Go forth; improve it where you can. "You" are this worlds rebirth!

Written especially for Lisa's speech at her Junior/Senior Banquets ceremonies.

Cheryl's Song

Joe, here's a special anniversary poem, with love for you,
To thank you for the life we've had and all that we've been through.
Your strength; my gift from God, carried us tho' sometimes were hard.
The love and friendship that you gave, an undeserved reward.

The face you showed the world is tough, inside; you're tenderness.
Your care and feelings, hid from most; are given me, and bless.
True friends and lovers we have been and it's my hope and prayer
That people of this world might have what we, together, share.

For near a quarter century, we've walked through trials, head high
Shared laughter and good times together, treasures one can't buy.
I know you've never cared to much for poetry, my dear
But you're a song my heart still sings whenever you are near.

For Joe & Cheryl on their 24th anniversary

Pamela's Game

This game you play upon the net
With strangers you have never met
Called CHAT, I just don't understand.
Is it that great? Are they that grand?

Soft hands, send words and thoughts, not heard;
Fly 'cross the keys like frightened bird.
Enroute to rooms spread 'round the earth,
You share your dreams; your grief and mirth.

The green-eyed monster, Jealosy
Has raised its head and frightens me.
It says "You're losing her!" , and sneers
At my belief and groundless fears.

The love I feel for you is strong
Your happiness can not be wrong
But though you love me just as much
I feel as if I'm losing touch

With you each day you play that game.
Our wedded bliss is not the same.
I know I'm selfish; but confused
And worried that a thief has used

The "net" and "chat" to steal your heart
From me. These thoughts I must empart
I'd rather "chat" without the keys
And share your dreams you send with ease

To someone I shall never see.
Or care to know, for I am "me"!
My jealosy and fear, love lost,
The wasted time, emotions tossed,

Are feelings that you put me through!
When your with "Them", I'm not with you!

For David & Pam. (C.H.A.T. - Can Husband Attend Too?)

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