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Pagan Path
12 Step Recovery
Grant Me the Serenity to
Accept the Things I Cannot Change
Courage to Change the Things I Can and
Wisdom to Know the Difference!
This page is both educational and supportive for pagans in all 12 Step recovery programs who seek support in working the Steps while staying true to  personal beliefs, diverse lifestyles and various spiritual practices.  There is no compromise of values here.  Our only requirement is a desire to recover!
Pagan 12-Step Recovery Meeting Format
Pagan 12 Steps
Wheel Of The Year
Pagan Version Of Lord's Prayer
Links To Pagan Path Recovery Sites
Stepping In Recovery - A Pagan approach to the Twelve Step progr
Janiah's Serenity Room! - This site is dedicated to any and all Pagan that has found or is seeking there path of recovery. All are welcome, with an open-mind and an open heart, to offer input and support to our growing community. Our voices deserve to be heard!
ALPagansInRecovery Discussion list for Pagans recovering from addictions.
Pagans In Recovery WebRings
Pagan Paths - 12 Step Recovery
Chelle's Page Recovery -  Following the Pagan Path and Shamanism
What Is Wicca ?
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