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In my humble opinion good poetry is like great blues music. A good poem

swings through the soul, breezes through the spirit, and settles into your

life altering your existence.

I chose the unicorn border wallpaper for these pages for many reasons, not the least of which, is I collect unicorns. The unicorn symbolizes a lot of things to me. The most important symbol for these pages is the mystical wonder and power of the imagination.

These pages contain my poetry. Some poems here are serious, some poems are silly, some poems are serious and silly, and some poems defy description. The poems present here are apt to change at my whim, I have over twenty years of poetry to display (scary thought). These poems might even give you a glimpse into my mental meanderings (even scarier thought).

These poems are mine. I wrote them. They are copyrighted by me. Each poem will end with my name and the date it was written. You have my permission to use the poems for nonprofit purposes, otherwise my permission is needed. If you do use my poetry give me credit for my work and please let me know how you use my poetry.

Now that I have gotten all that out of the way here are a few of my scribblings ...


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Hmmm .... I think I will start with a some unicorn poems ....

Double Vision

Unicorn Magic

Night Call

The Lady and the Unicorn

Unicorn Dreaming


Remember the Unicorns

For works by other poets surf the web rings at the bottom of ALL the poetry pages.

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