Kansas Council No. 53, KM
The Knight Masons control the "Green Degrees" of Ireland which for many years had been conferred by their Knight Templar Priories. Councils had existed in the United States under Irish charter until a Grand Council was established here in 1967. This, too, is an invitational organization and all candidates must be Royal Arch Masons, be sponsored by a member Knight, and pass a unanimous ballot.

Kansas Council of Knight Masons was chartered on February 24, 1995 and meets three times each year. Officers dress is a dark suit, white shirt, tie and jewels.

We confer three degrees in full form. They are the Council of Knight of the Sword (formerly Red Cross of Daniel or Babylonian Pass), Council of Knight of the East (or Jordan Pass) and Council of Knight of the East and West (or Royal Order).

Our 2007 meeting dates are March 3rd, June 16th, and November 10th.
2007 Council Officer's
Excellent Chief Harley E. Keeton
Senior Knight Chuck Arens
Junior Knight William Foley, III
Scribe Boris N. Bulatkin, PEC
Treasurer C. David Williams III, PEC
Senior Warden Wayne White
Junior Warden Cleland Condit
Director of Ceremonies Michael Wilson
Priest (Chaplain) William "Buck" Fischer
Steward (Captain of the Guard) Eldon Miller
Sentinel B. Harold Barnett

Past Excellent Chief's
Roger G. Snellen 2006
Boris N. Bulatkin 2005
Ronald E. Farthing 2004
C. David Williams III 2003
Dennis W. Roberts 2002
Carral N. Roberts 2001
Michael A. Campa 2000
Leroy L. Loggins 1999
Verden D. Brown 1998
William B. Manning 1997
Jacob C. Paschal * Deceased 1996
Donald F. Young * Deceased 1995

Grand Council of Knight Masons of the United States of America

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