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Eric Winner


Fall Semester 2003
Eric's Story Generator

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  My name is Eric Winner. I go to Grandville High School and I am in 11th grade. I have six people in my family my parents and a sister that is 21, I have two brothers one that's 7 and another that is 19. My sister has a bachlor's degree in fashion designing and my brother is in his 2nd year of school at Grcc.

I am currently taking Functions, stats, and trigonometry, Chemistry, Mythology, exploring tech., economics, and Cyberclass Where I am making this web site for.

I like to hang out with my friends, work on cars, install stereo systems, play baseball, I also just got into riding BMX. After I graduate I plan to go to college for both welding and Automotive mechanic classes and some of the other bare essentials. I am soon going to buy a paintball gun for fun.

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