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Hellraiser made a promotional appearance today at Adams Middle School in Grand Prairie to discuss upcoming events at the LCW Rumble in Prairie Land. Accompanied by a couple of others, he signed autographes and visited with the students during the lunch breaks. He will also be making a promotional appearance on Friday, Sept. 8th at the Grand Prairie High School's pep rally at 10:00 a.m. For directions, go to our calander and click on the Rumble in Prairie Land.

Looks like they're at it again! Hellraiser once again defeated the New Dr. X at LCW's Rumble in Prairie Land this past Saturday, September 9th! The New Dr. X made his entrance into the ring, immediately going off on a tirade about how Hellriaser had defeated him before, only due to the outside assistance of some ugly witch named Bastet. He demanded that he be given a NO DQ match against Hellraiser, threatening that otherwise he would not wrestle! Shelby Jones granted The New Dr. X's wishes, but to no avail. He was still defeated by our Hellraiser, and the no DQ match ended up working to Hellraiser's benefit. Once again, we do not have footage to confirm, but we did attend the match, and Bastet was ringside, aiding the Hellraiser every time the New Dr. X tried to pull anything tricky! We'll keep you updating on this ongoing feud! 

On Saturday, September 16th, the Hellraiser took on Ray Evans at PCW. Ray was led to the ring by his manager, none other than - get this - Lance Romance! Once again Lance attempted to interfere in the Hellraiser's match, this time with a chair! Bastet, whom we're sure you all know by now, was right there by Hellraiser's side, keeping an eye out for Lance. She took Lance out with a flying tornado DDT, allowing Hellraiser to continue his match without Lance's interferance, and make the pin on Ray Evans! Could this turn in to yet another feud? Seems the Hellraiser is not making many friends in the wrestling world, and gaining enemies of the worst and most dangerous kind! Now with Lance managing two of these heavyweights, Hellraiser had better take extra precautions to watch his back.

                  THIS COMING?!

Last Saturday Hellraiser & Bastet made what was to be an appearance at PCW to discuss their feud with various other wrestlers, and one particular manager - Lance Romance. After a little speech about how Lance should keep his nose out of their business, of course, Mr. Romance couldn't resist coming out to the ring himself to say a few words. Quickly, he showed his true colors, as he grabbed Bastet and slung her to the ground. Immediately attacked by Hellriaser, Canyon on Ray Evans soon came to Lance's rescue. Apparently they'd been in the bathroom playing with eachother for some time, before deciding to come and help their three-way partner. As soon as they got ahold of the Hellraiser they began pummeling and laying the boots to him, and Lance went back to Bastet, grabbing her from behind. She retaliated with a stunner, but was immediately knocked right back down by Canyon, who hit her from behind and then suplexed her. Hellraiser takes control of Ray Evans once Canyon is distracted, and proceeds to knock the sense out of Ray. Under the circumstances with three men vs. one man and woman, they took control once again by hitting the Hellraiser in the back with a chair, and then once again in the head. With Lance leading this pack of mad men, they handcuff Hellraiser to the corner, and bring a table into the ring. Canyon climbs the ropes, but with Lance having felt the scorn of Bastet many times before, he decides he wants to do the dastardly deed....Lance climbs the ropes as Ray & Canyon pull Bastet onto the table, pinning her down as Lance makes a splash from the second rope. Hellraiser looks on in rage, as he is handcuffed and helpless to stop the brutal assault.  Had it not been for A.J., who knows how far this terrible trio might have taken this! Action Jackson comes in and runs them off, standing protectively over Bastet until all threats are gone. He then rushes over to the Hellraiser to assist him in removing the cuffs.

Injuries:     Hellraiser suffered a bruised tailbone from the chair shot
                   to the back, and a mild concussion from the blow to the

                   Bastet had colapsed 5% of her left lung from the suplex,
                   and received four cracked ribs while being sandwiched
                   between Lance Romance and the table.

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