Bunny'th The Porch Proudly Presents . . . 
Cage Tags
The newest addition to Bunny'th the Porch are Cage Tags.  With Cage Tags you can identify any rabbit or litter at a glance.  You just fill out the information with a Sharpie or other permannent marker, and wash it off with some Nail Polish remover, 409, or other similar strong cleaner when you want to use it for a different rabbit or litter.  The  *Take Me To The Show* Tag's are great for those early morning pack ups.  No more leaving that winning rabbit behind!

I will have Cage Tags at Northern California region rabbit and cavy shows
I Am Attending.
Styles I am offering:

*For Sale*
*Take Me To The Show*
*Grand Champion*


*Strap Clips*
Permannent *Sharpie Markers*
*Cable Ties*
See You At the Show!
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