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Welcome to Bunny'th The Porch's official rabbitry website.  Where the Havanas and Netherland Dwarfs leave less to your imagination.  A small rabbitry located in Northern California, two hours North East of Sacramento, exactly seven feet, four inches beneath a porch.

  Currently here bunny'th our porch we raise and competitively show Havanas in Black and Chocolate and Netherland Dwarfs in Self (REW and black), Himi (chocolate and black), and Shaded (siamese sable and siamese smoke pearl).

  As you read above, our rabbits are housed beneath our porch, in wire cages suspended from our porch floor, the rabbitry's roof.  Our cages range in size from the extra large 24x30 for our larger and the more active of our Havanas, and Havana does with litters, to the itty bitty sized 18x18 cages for our younger Netherland Dwarf juniors.

  Our rabbits are mostly fed out of Bass Patented Fine-X feeders.  They are fed once a day in the evening, because in the morning I am too busy trying to get together to go to school, so evenings work exceptionally well for me.  This also gives me indivdual time with each rabbit to play, pet, or work with on the gooming table posing, grooming, and taking pictures (I love that!!).

  Our Netherland Dwarf and Havana lines come from some of the best in the country.  Our Havanas are out of mostly SKR (the Kivi family), Bit O' Bunz (Vikki Tuma, previously HH Ranch), and we have addded a strain of Erin's Havana Rabbits, a nationally winning line from Washington.  We also have some wonderful Skagg's, Dunn's, Scott's (Southern Hares Rabbitry), and Wildfire's (Brad and Katie Boyce) lines crossed behind us in the pedigrees.

  In the Netherland branch of the rabbitry our pride and joy is our very own Micro Ranch Laredo, a siamese sable buck with 4 legs- 2 for BOG, 1 for BOV, and an all breed BIS, all during a very limited showing career.  His father is the great Micro Ranch Nemo, Siamese Sable buck, winner of 50+ legs, and to this day, at over 3 years old, can still beat them all!! Thank you soo much to Donnell Bomben and Tim Reese for parting with this buck!!  Lines behind many of our rabbits include Erickson's, R.R.R.'s, Larsen's, more Micro Ranch, and lots of Bramhall.

  All these awesome lines and rabbits are our rabbitry's foundation.  One day, with these great names and rabbits behind us, we hope to establish a place for our own name among them.

  Thank you for visiting us down here bunny'th our porch.  Please come back soon, we enjoyed your company, and we hope you will enjoy your stay!!.



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Website Updates:
Litters- March 20, 2003-
New Dwarf litter born, update on others
N. Dwarf Does- March 17, 2004-
New pic up, and new does coming!
Havana Does- March 17, 2004-
New pics up of quite a few does

Big Wins-
December 6, 2003- Havana wins Best in Show!
September 13, 2003- Netherland Dwarf wins Best in Show!
March 16, 2003- Havana wins Reserve in Show!
2003 ARBA Convention Highlights

Kelc's BTP Heineken- Black Senior Buck- 1st/17- Leg!!
Kelc's BTP Heineken- 2nd place Breed Fur!
Kelc' BTP Sensashenal- Black Jr. Doe- 2nd/19!!
Kelc's BTP Knock On Wood- Chocolate Jr. Buck- 4th!!
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Best In Show -ND- September 13, 2003
*Micro Ranch Laredo*
Reserve in Show- HV- March 16, 2003
*Kelc's BTP Bucephalus*
Best In Show- HV- December 6, 2003
*Kelc's BTP Sensashenal*
HH's Molokai
September 1, 2001- February 20, 2003
~ Today is a very sad day for all of us down here bunny'th our porch.  We lost our original Havana, and our first rabbit, HH's Molokai.  Something was able to sneak into the rabbiry and knock open his cage, leaving him defenseless.  We ran out as soon as we heard them sturggling, but it was already too late, the damage had been done.  We did all we could to save him, I stayed up all night with him, but on February 20, 2003, at about 10:30 in the morning he just gave up.  Be a good kiddo Molokai, you know that mommy loves you...  And keep all the angles busy......
Wins: Six legs- 1 Best of Breed, 2 Best Opposites of Breeds, 1 Best of Variety, and 2 Best Opposite Varieities.
Awesome Offspring: Peirce's BTP Havasu (dam of multiple BOB/BIS and RIS winner); Peirce's BTP Bucepahlus- Grand Champion, Reserve in Show Winner; Kelc's BTP Sensashenal- BOB and BIS winner.
Grandkits: Kelc's BTP Heineken- Grand Champion, BOB winner, 1st place black senior buck at the 2003 ARBA Convention-Youth;  Morrow's Moppet, BIS, RIS, and BOB winner.
This website is forever dedicated to HH's Molokai, our first rabbit, and the foundation of our Havana bloodline...  Be a good boy 'Kai, we all miss you terribly......
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