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I migrated to Australia in February 1952 by sea  on a boat called Napoli which was  half cargo and half passenger. It was an experience for me to see the plates falling off the tables in the rough ocean, but at least I was never sea sick. 

With no knowledge of the English language I disembarked at the port of Fremantle in Western Australia and was then taken to a place called  Like wood  located outside of Boulder a town adjacent to (Kalgoorlie) Western Australia.
 I had left the Central North of Italy right on the border of Switzerland which is a snowy country with below zero temperature & had landed in a country in which I experienced 120F with no sun and hot as hell with sun. With sweat pouring like water and no wind to cool us down I found after loading 5 railways trucks with wood that my body & face was a complete mascara with red dust which sticks and is muddy when wet.


I Worked & traveled all over the South West of WA , working on farms & timber mills for 15 years. I  started in Mt Barker then  Kranbrook  and after that at  Kojonup  were I met a beautiful Sheller called Edith  who I finally married . Tthis was the best thing I have ever done in my life and today we are both still happy and in love. 


Eventually we Left Kojonup for  a place called Ravensthorpe to work in  a copper mine.
After that my next job was in Widgeemooltha in a gold mine as a plant operator.
My last timber job was when we Came to Bindoon timber mill located in the Upper Swan. I then became a tyre fitter in Perth then a  truck driver and then spent 18 years with an engineering firm in a suburb of Perth.

I am Now retired and bored sick of doing nothing and if you
wish to work you have to give half of it to the government and
lose or take a lesser pension which is very little to start with.
Never the less, I have and I am enjoying the freedom of
this country which as yet is still the most richest country in 
the world that gives you the chance of making a good life here
 if you wish to.
The only thing I cant find any more is the old Ozzy that existed 
back in the 50/60/70/ who where very kind people.


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