St. John of Patmos Conclave

Order of the

Red Cross of Constantine

and Appendant Orders

Chartered May 22nd, 1931
Located in Asheville, NC
Intendant General

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Annual Assembly             Annual Banquet

The Order of the Red Cross of Constantine and Appendant Orders is an invitational Body composed of Royal Arch Masons. An additional prerequisite is that the Knight Companion must be a professing Christian. The Body has been referred to as the "33rd Degree of York Rite Masonry," though this is an inaccurate description most often used by Masons who do not have a complete understanding of York Rite Masonry.


                                      The Grand Lodge                 The United Grand Imperial                       The Grand   
                                      of North Carolina                   Council of the Red Cross                   York Rite Bodies
                                            A.F.&A.M.                     of Constantine for the U.S.A.,              of North Carolina
                                                                                      Mexico, and the Phillipines





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