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Well no new updates in a litle while, but I did do a diorama that I emtered into the CustomCon last Spring. I will upload those soon. As for new projects I am finding it harder and harder to find time to do any. I have finished the renovations on my toy room/ work space so I hope to get back at it real soon. I have begun a Zombie Spiderman and will have a set of Marvel Zombies soon....
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New Avengers: Breakout

277 Corruptor
278 CrossbonesII
279 Fool Killer
280 Nitro
281 Piledriver

Fantastic Four:
Big Town

282 Hulk
283 Mr.Fantastic
284 Namor
285 Red Skull
286 Reed Richards
287 Thing
288 Silver Surfer
289 Torch
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