History of The
Just For Fun Club
Somebody asked "What is History" and that got me to thinking...........hey we need a JFFC History Site, so click the cool JFFC Logo at the bottom of this page and you will be taken to the Official Just For Fun Club History Site which is ad and popup free..
What is the JFFC?

The JFFC is more of an idea than a thing.  It is a group of people who have banded
together for the common purpose of having fun on the internet.  Our primary activities
consist of creating interesting posts on a variety of private and public news groups.  We
like to send HTML formatted posts and include sound and graphics in everyday conversation.

The group was originally formed as a response to the trials that our visionary founders
experienced on other groups at the hands of forum mangers who desired to control every
word of every post.  The JFFC is and always will be the Just For Fun Club and nothing
else.  Read the other JFFC sites. Then check out our newsgroups and join the fun.

The Official Site of Uncle AntŠ

General information about the JFFC past and present.

Everything from JFFC information to cool Links

FAQ for newsgroups: alt.binaries.jiffy-club alt.clubs.just-for-fun
includes Links to Helpful Usenet Sites

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