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Some Jensen models in detail (courtesy of Jensen Car Club Historian, Richard Calver)

The Jensen Healey Mk1 (1972-73)

The Jensen Healey Mk2 (1973-75)

The Jensen GT (1975-1976)

The Jensen SP (1971-1973)

The Jensen FF (1966-1971)

The Jensen CV-8 (1962-1966)

The Jensen Interceptor Mk1 (1966-1970)

The Jensen Interceptor Mk2 (1969-1971)

The Jensen Interceptor Mk3 (1971-1973)

The Jensen Interceptor Mk3 (1974-1976)

The Jensen Interceptor Convertible (1974-1976)

The Jensen Coupe (1975-1976)
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2006 National Jensen Rally, Clare SA
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The National Jensen Rally for 2009 will be held in Canberra over the Easter long weekend. It promises to be a really great National Rally. For more information, phone Phill on (02) 6254-0190.
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