II.  Importances of the Rainforests

Review of Literature

                            II.  Importances of the Rainforests

The rainforests are very important to the world for many reasons, most them being very simple.  One major reason is that the plants in the forest turn carbon dioxide into clean air, which helps us fight pollution.  Also, by absorbing carbon dioxide, the rainforests help deter the greenhouse effect.  The trees of the rainforest store carbon dioxide in their roots, stems, branches, and leaves.  

The plants and animals of the rainforest also provide us with food, fuel, wood, shelter, jobs, and medicines.  "Image losing the potential cure for cancer or AIDS that might have been found in an undiscovered plant from the rainforest." (Tropical Rainforest Coalition, 1996)

"The vine Aucistrocladus koropensis may be effective in treating AIDS; we can only guess what other beneficial plants may be destroyed before we find them." (Allo, 1996)  It is repeated often that the rainforest contains important plants that will cure the worst diseases of today.  Although there is scientific proof of its value, the rainforest continues to disappear.

"In ever sense, a standing rainforest supplies more economic wealth then if it were cleared and yet deforestation continues at an alarming rate." (Tropical Rainforest Coalition, 1996)

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