N & Z Model Trains
Following the European Tradition of Model Railroading

I am in the process of building this page ...
Almost Two years ago, I started collecting model trains.
When I was just a Child, I wish that never came alive was to have a Scale N model train.
Few years later, The story started.

I'm a Radiocontrol Airplanes and Helicopters fan. During a visit to Los Angeles I decided to buy a plane called Spectrum. So I went to Hobby Shack (Hobby People) and I bought it, So when I was resting in my hotel, I thought about the inconveniences that I had to pass before in the airport carring a large box, deal with mexican customs authorities (The worst part of it). So I decided to return it an get my money back. When in Hobby Shack again the gentleman told me that everything is ok and he suggested me to take a look just in case I decided to buy a lighter item. I did it and suddenly I saw a pretty Backmann set scale N, The same I wanted to have when I was just a Child. I bught It.
Things has changed since then, After my arrival I visited a store arround here specilized in Fleischmann Stuff. I decided to start buying Europena trains and Items related to European Landscapes.
I havenīt started to build my layout yet, because of matter of space. I just conviced my mother to donate me a spare room in her house to start my Train Empire.

Z Scale
N Scale
German Railway Signaling
Euro Rail Hobbies
N Scale Model Railroad
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The European



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Spur Z Modellbahnring
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