Major D20 Paranoia Update Soon (Promised Again as of June 2006)!

Welcome to MIK Sector, one of Alpha Complex's most happy and productive sectors! This site is dedicated to West End Game's PARANOIA, a role playing game about a darkly humourous future. In PARANOIA, players assume the roles of "Troubleshooters" dedicated to hunting down and "fixing" (i.e. blowing up with lasers) any "problems" that might occur in Alpha Complex. Their task is made more interesting by the presence of The (Never 'a') Computer. The Computer is a few circuits short of a mother board, and frequently sends the Troubleshooters on impossible missions, orders them to commit treason, or issues contradictory objectives. Further coomplicating matters is the fact that all troubleshooters belong (treasonously) to (treasonous) Secret Societies and possess (treasonously) unregistered mutations. Therefore, it is often easier for Troubleshooters to frame each other than actualy complete their mission. If this sounds at all confusing, click here and read the list; it does a much better job explaining things than I do.

All these factors contribute to an atmosphere of.... you guessed it: PARANOIA!

Also, E-mail me (by clicking here, or at with any further questions you might have.

MIK Sector itself has a variety of services to offer. Each of the Service Sectors in MIK Setor has it's own link, and each provides a seperate and unique batch of servicesl. Please abide by security clearance restrictions; violators will be executed.

R&D: A list of new experimental weaponry and gadgets.

Tech Services: New robots, utilities and services. Background on the Tech Services- Power Services rivalry. Plus some of the dirty skeletons in the Tech Services closet.

Power Services: A random building Generator, new utilities and locations. Background on the Tech Services- Power Services rivalry.

Housing Preservation & Delevopment and Mindcontrol: Propaganda, housing, info on food and drugs. Also, scoop on forbidden Pre- Computer Artifacts.

Internal Security: New psychological tests, detection devices and a few tricks to catch any lingering survivors of a Troubleshooter team.

Production, Logistics and Commisarry: Expanded equipment list, a few forms and a bunch of new equipment.

CPU: GAME MASTER ONLY! Contains mission outilines, new mutations, my take on secret societies, GMing tips, mission outlines, exotic fighting locals, the random troubleshooter background deck and much more.

Transtubes: The MIK Sector transtubes lead to over a dozen other sectors, all devoted to PARANOIA content.


DISCLAIMER #1: Although I have frequently borrowed ideas, characters and even bits of plots for use in my web site, I have never stolen an entire idea and passed it off as mine. If the idea came from someone else or if I drew significant inspiration from a source other than my own creative genius, it will be noted.

DISCLAIMER #2: All the Information presented in this page is almost completely derived from my interpretation of the Acute PARANOIA supplement, some online sites, and a heap of my own judgement. Some of it may contradict what other people or even the "official" rulebooks say. However, since they have been out of print for over a decade, this hardly matters.

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