There has been far too many of you mortals trying to approach me in a manner I can't respect. You lite your devotional candles and incense and chant to me.You pray to me pleading for the perfection of Love and for all sources of riches. I try my best to ignore you all, but you plead even more. It is said that I can be a cruel, cold, unfeeling Goddess who cares not for her numerous devotees. So it was said then in the days of old in Egypt and Greece and the Roman Empire as I was worshiped in my many names. I haven't changed and you mortals haven't niether - all of those demands!! HA HA HA Do I respond? do I need to say?


     I'm only mildly amused at your ignorance and laugh at you when your false little reality doesn't respond to you as you wish it to. You T-girl watch your website stats and your guest book entries and view these as measures of love. Consequently, you feel uplifted until the daily stats and entries go down. You guys viewing the T-girl websites love to E-mail those T-girl cuties and thirst for their replying E-mails hoping to get a mere acknowledgment. Personally, I hope that they donít even reply at all! They can only pretentiously try to fill the emptiness for Love within you. Ha Ha!


    I only laugh at you all when you try to send me Jewelry, Flowers, Automobiles, Cash and noble titles of Empress or Queen. I have no need for these eartly things at all. HA! Please stop it! I won't accept your Moneygrams!! If I should happen to need any of these earthly things, I can provide these for myself. I get around in a snap, thus your automobiles are useless to me! CASH No!! I can access all the cash I need on your earthly plane. Where I am, I can gratify myself with heavenly pleasures unknown to your mortal world. Jewelry? I wear the Stars of Heaven on myself and the Milky Way drapes from my neck and over my cleavage. I wouldn't be seen with earthly Jewelry except for my Egyptian Amulets of Devotion to my Lord Ra.


     Stop taking me for a fool! I know why you are trying to get my favor!! You try to buy my Love just to ask me for the fruits and pleasures of your world in return. You try to get acquainted with me, and then you start making demands for popularity, career, love and fortune. You think I can grant all of your wishes because you know of my power and position in your world as it is known in mine - the Heavens. Yes,I can grant wishes, as you know I can for that is why you approach me. Listen,I will try to help you to understand the quality of wishes with which I can work. Just cease this insolence now. Stop asking.


    Attention, Attention I will give you instruct and you will learn all of the qualities and virtues of wishes which I can grant and I will tell you to what I cannot devote my energies toward . Listen up now!


One - You are entitled to only one wish in each of your earthly incarnations. Many of you have been asking for vulgar things of a material nature, power, position and vegeance upon your enemies--all of which displease me.I ask you to think. Think. I am called cruel and cold because I ignore these ephemeral needs to which you allude yourself. So think and remember you only get just one Wish!!


   Two - You mustn't ask for anything pertaining to the physical realm at all. No money or anything tangible. Regretfully, I would give in to you fools who know nothing else but these earthly things to only watch you destroy yourselves with them. I would feel nothing for you for I know in a future incarnation you would of leared from your follies and be wiser. I have time as you can see. You may be ready now or later. I am eternal and I do have patiants. Warning!! dont push it!! Listen to my instructions!!


  Three - You mustn't ask me to harm anyone or to get involved in your controversies on your earthly plane. Your world isn't mine and I can't get involved in your crises, but I can deliver you from them if you want.


   Four - Your wish must be everlasting as I am. It must last from incarnation to incarnation and be something of a spiritual value. You canít bring anything of this world in which you believe in with you. So donít ask for these unnnecessary things. I can grant you experience of Love unseen to this world of yours that will show you a better world. You must ask only to find those gifts that are within you. You are complete in Love and I will reveal it to you.


  Five - the final requirement is that you don't even ask at all. I know what is best for you and I demand that you have Faith in me. "Love" it shall be revealed to you. It is within you. ďLoveĒ and I can help you to find it. Be still and have Faith in the Love within you. Those separate bodies of yours are only maintaining your belief in separation. You are truly united in Love and by this Love you are freed.


 Finally - I say believe in the Love that is you for nothing unreal can be threatened. Nothing unreal can exist. Therein lies the peace of the Goddess Sophia Antoinette.


 Believe and find that which is within! I direct you now

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