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Little Universe

RAY: Don't fuck with Lorenzo Salvatore! It is this kinda class and individuality that makes you, you. You don't care about your fellow man. Or woman for that matter. In fact, I'd say you even enjoy inflicting pain on them.

LORENZO: I have to admit, I do get a... (Short pause) ...thrill from it. Yeah.

RAY: And let's face it, pain is a language they all understand, and you speak it good. They could be beggin and pleadin for mercy. They could be shittin themselves. Tears. Nothin from you. If anything, you get meaner.

LORENZO: It's tough to look at that shit. Makes me nuts.

RAY: That's what makes you great!

LORENZO: I wonder why that is?

RAY: Why what is?

LORENZO: Why I'm such a sick fuck?

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