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Lenny & Lou

World Premiere, fall 2004 at the
Woolly Mammoth Theatre in Washington, DC.
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Charles MacArthur Award for Outstanding Play
as part of the Helen Hayes Awards

Also nominated as Outstanding Resident Play

LENNY & LOU, a dark comedy about sex, sibling rivalry and perverse maternal love. The play explores debilitating familial relationships, co-dependency, marital obligations, adultery, Alzheimer's and elder abuse in a provocative and wildly comic manner. BareBones (workshop) by The Lark Play Development Center, February 2001. Also, a finalist in the 2003 HBO Comedy Festival.

Howard Shalwitz and Jennifer Mendenhall

Standing: Carolyn Michelle Smith, Heidi James
Seated: Todd Wall, Suzanne Toren, David Mogentale
Photo by Alison Cherry

LOU: Maybe I should just kill myself? There's no hope! And when there's no hope, existence doesn't pay. Not worth it.

LENNY: Even the lowest animal doesn't kill himself.

LOU: That's cause the lowest animal doesn't have a fuckin brain and has no concept of low or high or nothin. A rat doesn't know it's a rat. A rat only knows it's hungry and it's gotta eat. That's it. If I was a fuckin rat, I'd be okay. But I'm not. I'm a human being and human beings aspire to more. A lot more. That's why I gotta kill myself.

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