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Semi-finalist, The Chutzpah Festival
Published by Playscripts.

GOING by Ian Cohen
Dir. Rosalind Gnatt

SARAH: Why does everything good have to end? One day, you're in love, out buying a ring. The next day they find a tumor the size of a melon. I'm all alone. An old fool. Ugh. Why the hell would anybody wanna go through alla that?

HELEN: Love, momma. You were lucky to find it.

SARAH: No. It's not worth it.

ALEX: Of course it is! Think about the good times once in a while.

SARAH: Good times. One day, I'm out buyin you a Slinky, and the next I'm tellin ya how your dog is sleeping and isn't gonna wake up.

ALEX: That's not fair, Momma.

SARAH: You cried every day for three months. Wasted the whole summer.

ALEX: I played with Fred for six years. Loved him for six years. And I still love him. And miss him. And Momma, whether you want me to or not, I'm gonna miss you too.

SARAH: Don't miss me. You'll be better off.

HELEN: When you love someone, you miss them when they're gone!

SARAH: It's not worth the pain. Take my word for it. I'm talkin from experience.

ALEX: It's gotta be worth it. If it's not, what's the point? What's the point of anything?

SARAH: There is no point. You're born to die, Sonny Boy. It's like seein a picture you know is gonna end sad. They're in love. They make it. The band plays on. But sooner or later, someone's gonna die and everyone's gonna cry. That's it. The End. Over.

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