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God's Creatures

A staged reading of GOD'S CREATURES was presented by the Lark Theatre Company in its Annual Playwrights Week, 1998 and subsequently received a BareBones Production, September 1999, directed by Steven Williford.

DONNA: If I cry, it's why you cryin? If I laugh, it's why you laughin? I wanna feel somethin! Somethin real! I wanna feel somethin that doesn't fade away so fast. You know what I mean? It's like-like, when I go to the movies; it's explosions and monsters and spaceships and shit. And I like that. S'cool, right? But then I leave and there ain't shit I'm takin home with me. It was great, but it sucked. You know what I mean? And then I eat, right? And it's the same thing. Everything tastes the same, so I pour hot sauce on it, cause I want it to burn my mouth, but it still tastes the same, except now it's hot. I wanna feel somethin, cause I don't taste nothin. I wanna experience shit. I wanna do shit. And there ain't shit to do. I wanna go through some shit, some real bad shit even, that's okay, and deal with it and come out okay or not come out okay, (that's okay too!), and then, when the shit goes down, I can say to myself, "Hey, that was some relevant fuckin shit!" I wanna really be wherever I am. I wanna tremble when I make love. When my heart is broken, I wanna cry and cry and cry. That's okay! And it's like everything that's supposed to make you feel more, really makes you, like, dead inside. It kills you. Drinkin, dopin, fuckin... Why? Why don't we wanna feel anything? What are we afraid of?

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