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Bertrand Priest

BERTRAND PRIEST. An eccentric, python-loving artist, the young writer she's chosen, an out-of-work actor and a tough businessman all collide in this play about the struggle to create art in New York City.

Mark Fisher & Josie DiVincenzo

Matt Walker & Eric Martin Brown

Josie DiVincenzo & Mark Fisher

Josie DiVincenzo & Eric Martin Brown

KATRINA: Givin up your dream doesn't happen so easy like you know it's happenin. It's slow and sneaky. It's not somethin like one day you wake up and say "hey, I think I'm gonna give up my dream now." No. It happens slowly. Little choices along the way; a job; a girl; a guy; a car; you don't wanna put up with bullshit, could be anything. Then one day, you look around and you say, "hey, remember when I used to dream about... whatever?" And you realize that you just ain't doin it anymore. You're doin somethin else.

THE YOUNG MAN: Dreams can change.

KATRINA: Some can. Some just get forgotten. Or ignored, but they're still there tuggin at ya. And you're hopin they'll go away, coz when you think about 'em, about how much they meant to you, and how you turned your back on 'em, it hurts.

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