Welcome to our member's links page. Some of our members have their own websites that they wanted to share. These do not necessarily pertain to adoption, but to their family. The owner of 123-help-adopt is not responsible for things contained on these pages, nor do the opinions on these pages represent the opinions of the 123-help-adopt group. Now, lets meet some of the members...

Connie's Homepage
    This is the homepage of Connie, the list Founder.
Debbie L's page
    The story about the adoption of Debbie's daughter.
Terrie and Kelly's Page
    Terrie's story about the road to adoption.
KrisAnne's Page Gwen's Page
    The adoption story of Gwen's Hope.
Gil and Maureen's Page
    Maureen's exciting story of bringing their baby home from Korea.
Rebecca Lyn Gold's Page
    About her book "Till There Was You--An Adoption Expectancy Journal."
Donna's Page!
    Her adoption story!
LouAnn's Page Laurie's Page Sherrie's Page

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