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Hello, and welcome to the 123-Help-Adopt homepage. My name is Connie Reed, and I am the founder of 123-help-adopt.

The purpose of this group is to have a forum where those considering adoption can come together. Basically it is for support. Support to those just beginning the long haul, to those who have already finished with it. We share concerns, resources, opinion, links, tips, experiences and a kind word. We support those who may have just gone through a failed adoption, and share in the joy with someone who just brought their bundle home. It is a great beginning for those just starting and a great support group for those who have already gone through the process. No matter what step you are at, you have a lot to gain, and offer to this group.

This group is for prospective or adoptive parents only. Those just thinking about adoption, to those who have already gone through the process, and have their children at home are welcome here. It is a group for any adoptive parents, single, married, gay (etc.).

It is for parents considering trans-racial, open, closed, special needs, private, or international adoptions, to those adopting within the family (and any other adoption not mentioned here).


Group FAQ's
    Read some of the "rules" that we have in place.
    Links to our MEMBER's own homepages.
    Go here to *meet* some of our members.
    Recommended links, books, and other resources.
Money Matters
    Inovative ways to save money for adoption.
    Join us for our chats:
      ~Monday ~ Early Bird Chat ~ 10AM Eastern, 7AM Pacific.
      ~Wednesday ~ Afternoon Chat ~ 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific.
      ~Friday ~ Late Night Chat ~ 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific.
      ~Saturday ~ Weekend Chat ~ 6pm Eastern, 3 pm Pacific.

If this sounds like a group you would like to be part of, you can join here:

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