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Moaning of the Month

Now, now, don't get excited! There's nothing kinky about human stupidity. A warning to the weak: skip the following and go directly to the picture of the month section. You'll be safe there!

This month's topic: Why the World is in this sorry shape

I have this theory. Yep, I have a lot of those! This theory of mine was inspired by the French- Canadian (or as we say here Qu飩cois) movie called Le D飬in de lEmpire Am鳩cain (The Decline of the American Empire). In that movie, one of the main characters theorizes that we are close to the end of the decline of the American Empire, because we are experiencing many symptoms of the decline of any empire, like, for example, the Roman Empire.

Feeling that our rights are more important than our responsibilities, that our personal freedom is more important than the well-being of others, lack of manners and respect of others, search for immediate gratification instead of long-term commitments these are just a few of the symptoms.

Who can argue that our world (our western civilization anyway) is not going through a decline when you think about it?

There is more and more violence in our schools and on the streets, a lot of kids dont care about their future (or anyones future for that matter) and who ever thought weather-induced rage would actually make someone get a gun to threaten a city worker removing the snow from the streets (true story)?!

People are tired and depressed and fed-up and its not getting better.

Now back to my theory: what made this happen and why is it getting worse? I have one word for you: laziness. Either from lack of energy or from pure selfishness, people are now so lazy that they will not be responsible for themselves, for their kids or even for their pets!

You want examples? I have plenty (all true stories)!

1)The lady who was talking to her friends in the library, ignoring her kid who, in frustration, started ripping pages off books to get her attention. When she was told to take care of her kid, the lady told her little girl that the library clerk was a mean lady and that they had to go. Was easier than actually taking care of the kid! That way she did not have to actually RAISE her. LAZY!

2)The guy who missed the garbage can when throwing away his half-eaten apple and who did not take a second to pick it up and putting it in the can. Hey, someone is getting paid to do that, right? Wrong! LAZY!

3)The lady who threw away her paper in the garbage can instead of walking 5 more feet to put it in the recycling bin. She would have had to make a 2 second detour to save a few threes. Too much work! LAZY!

4)The guy walking his dog who picked-up the dogs poo (at least he did I guess he was afraid of the fine he would pay if hed get caught!) and threw it in the neighbour garbage can instead of bringing it home. The bag was not tied properly so it soiled the garbage can. He would have had to walk another few blocks with the bag, no way! Better to soiled someone elses garbage can, right? Wrong! LAZY!

And why can people be that lazy nowadays? Because we do not have to deal with the consequences of our actions anymore. And if you have the audacity to say something (like for example, to ask the guy to please pick-up his half-eaten apple and put it in the garbage), you get branded as the crazy one. Or at the very least, a great pain in the neck! In a society where a thief who broke in a house can sue the owner of this house for assault, anything is possible. Our rights are now WAY more important than our responsibilities, and that un-balance will drive our society to its bloody end.

That is my opinion and I share it!

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We have a new kitten!! She is now almost 7 months (April 2008) and she is a blast! She has her own page, click HERE to visit it.


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