Bangor Baby!

Last September (1999) I was lucky enough to travel to the U.K. and visit a nice place called Bangor, a small city on the north coast of Wales. I stayed with my favorite Englishman (see my friends' page for reference) who offered to be my guide in addition to my friend. As they say over there, it was lovely! I thought I could show here some of the pictures I took in Bangor for those less fortunate. With my comments of course. Why, isn't this Gwen's trip to Bangor?! Enjoy!

This is a view of Bangor from
where I was staying, on College Road. Lots of trees, nice paved roads, lovely houses and students!

Downtown shopping paradise for those who love to shop as much as I do! Especially since its mostly a pedestrian precinct with this pretty clock in the middle of it all.

Brick houses and paved roads, what did I tell you?!

If you ever go to Bangor, you have to eat at the Fat Cat (shown here); the food is simply delicious (even if a bit expensive) and the place is warm and comfortable. Clean washroom too!

Left is one of those famous "fish and chips" take-outs, and even if I don't eat fish, I had to take a picture, of course! Right is, believe it or not, a police car parked in front of a wine shop! Who could resist such a great picture?!

Bangor University where my Englishman and some of his friends study.
Gorgeous place, architecturally speaking.

Left is the train station where I took the train from and to Manchester Airport. Believe me, I didn't want to leave! Right are 2 Manchester Airport guards that take their duty very seriously (did you see the size of that gun???) but were nice enough to let me take a picture of them.

That's all Folks!

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Info Britain: They answer to any question quickly and efficiently. They are nice, polite and they know a lot!

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