Welcome to my Spirit Page
I belong to a few Web Comps now, web communities linking many different websites that are in a very friendly competition with each other. They usually are a set-up to meet new people online and have fun. They also have games, cards, wonderful graphics, events, and even a pet competition (please vote for my kitty, Decibel).

To this day, I belong to The Rumbles, Salem's Web Comp, Joust and Triple Ace (see links below).

This is my spirit page, to show that I love to belong to these comps. Listed below are my awards (when I won a competition), links to the comps and other goodies I picked-up from other members and the sites themselves.


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To vote for me at The Rumbles: please click on vote button, this will bring you to the Vote Booth page. Find the level where Gwen's Page of Opinions is competing, enter a valid email address, check the square next to Gwen's Page of Opinions and then click on the "Vote" button. Thanks!
Please click here for more awards won by Decibel, at The Rumbles, Pet's Rock & Triple Ace!
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To vote for Décibel: please click on her picture, this will bring you to the Voting Booth page. Find Décibel's level, enter a valid email address, check the square next to Décibel's name in the list, and then click on "vote" button. Thanks!
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The Rumbles
Click here for more awards from Salem's Web Comp & Joust!
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